How TurnStar can help your business

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What is TurnStar?

TurnStar is an online wait list and customer engagement system

No more pricey pagers, no loud announcements, no "please take a ticket" - and no more crowded lobbies and long lines!

  • Customers love having the freedom to wait anywhere and do anything, and receiving a text when their spot is ready.
  • Employees love that they can stop juggling lists and phones and interact with customers.
  • Managers love seeing all the information about who waited, for how long, and who the regular customers really are - right at their fingertips.

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Why TurnStar?

It's Easy!

  • As simple as pen and paper. Your wait list should work for you - no more throwing away incredible information every night. Get the data and use it effectively.
  • The tools to bring customers back. Patrons can opt in to receive surveys and special offers, turning first time visitors into fans.
  • Knowledge is power. Learn about customers' habits during your busiest times and use it to learn more about your business. Track no-shows and monitor wait time accuracy to better improve your service.
  • VIP Status. Give hosts the power to greet frequent customers as they walk through the door, and reward them for doing so.
  • Find new customers. Find new customers, and let them find you. With a TurnStar widget on your website, patrons can see the wait time and add themselves to the list from any computer.

How it Works

TurnStar makes waiting more tolerable for patrons and a source of loyalty for businesses. The easy-to-use online wait list allows hosts and managers to manage wait flow on any computer or tablet. The TurnStar web and mobile portals let patrons join and manage their waits from anywhere - including their mobile device or the website of the business - or simply walk in and get a special offer to wait at the bar. Patrons can opt in to receive surveys or exclusive offers from the business during and after waits, and the business is provided with robust data that they’ve never gathered before. No download required!

  1. Installation is easy – you can be up and running by tonight!
  2. Computer – Any computer with Internet access – including a tablet, like an iPad.
  3. Internet – Set up a network connection, like WiFi.
  4. Access the Site – Point your browser to and log in.

It only takes 10 minutes to learn how to use the waiting list, and personal training is included for free.


Just a few of the great things our customers are saying about us:

  • "We were spending $1,300 a month replacing pagers. This is just a much better solution." 
  • "TurnStar has made our busiest summer yet so much more managable." 
  • "This is a great system that we love. The buzz from guests is great – they love the texting feature!”
  • “Customers absolutely love it. It’s fun, interesting, it’s young, cool, and hip. We kill multiple birds with one stone.”
  • "By including a survey link in the seated text message we have seen an 800% increase in the feedback survey responses - and most are positive."
  • “It gets pretty tight here - that’s why TurnStar works out great. And my hostesses spend less time on the phone.”
  • "This is the future of waiting."