Wait online - not in line

Update the Wait with TurnStar

Waiting Sucks

TurnStar allows you to join the wait at your favorite businesses from anywhere using your mobile device or PC so you can wait online, not in line. Join from home or from the business, then go next door, down the street, to a nearby store, or anywhere while you wait. We'll send you instant updates when your spot in line is ready. Never be confined the lobby again - relax and roam free!

How do I get on the list?

There are many ways to join a list:

  • From your phone - Visit www.turnstar.com from your smartphone to join participating businesses wait lists before you arrive. 
  • On the web - Participating businesses have a form on their website so you can see wait times and join the wait list before you even leave your house!
  • In person - You can always join the old-fashioned way - actually talk to a human being by walking in or calling ahead.

Want to know more?

Drop us a line to say hi, learn more, or to stay in the know about the newest TurnStar locations so you can wait online, not in line.

Exclusive Discounts and Specials

You may opt in for FREE, exclusive offers and coupons from the businesses you frequent most (or want to!). Cancel at any time. TurnStar will not sell your information or spam you (it says so right here!).